Sunday, June 24, 2018

Best Books for Healing from Narcissist Abuse

Whether the narcissist in your life is a spouse, parent or child, the need to learn to set boundaries and heal is the same for all victims.  I set out to find the best books on healing and these are my favorites:

Btw:  This is a non-monitized blog.  I do not make money if you visit this or any other of my pages.  I do this to help people.  I could not justify getting paid simply because someone clicks on this link.

#1  My all time favorite book:
  This book gives you the basics plus helps you to deal with the narc.  If you don't want the narcissist to know you are reading the book, grab the kindle version.  You actually don't need a kindle to read the book, amazon offers a reader for free.  If you want the book, the used ones are as little as $3.00.   My copy is well worn.

#2  This book is great if you have fallen into the role of caretaking a narcissist.  Narcs are super good manipulators and some find a way to make you the caretaker... You know the type.  Moves in, then loses his job, suddenly you are the only person working, or he is terribly underemployed.   This book is a good one to read:

#3  This book is all about coping.  It was written by a psychotherapist, and that helps the book contain the tools we need to cope.   There are used copies for under $2 too!

#4  This book is inspirational.  Unlike the book above, it is NOT written by a clinical person but it still offers plenty of valid advice on coping and is much more inspirational.  It helps you take a step back and view your sitation with fresh eyes.... The kindle book on this one is the cheapest right now, and easy to read while sitting next to the narc.

#5  If you are trying to figure out why you attract narcissists, this is the book for you! This book walks you through the steps of figuring out why, peeling back the layers and then learning to attract healthy people into your life!

#6   This book is great for healing.  One of the premises of this book is that you can't heal in isolation, which is what I tend to try to do. This book is full of useful info on how to move on...and not fall into the trap of finding another narc to replace the one you got rid of (not just for spouses... my mom was a narc and i found narc friends to replace her).

BTW:  if you need the kindle you can buy one.  I'd recommend the paperwhite, or you can download a reader for free.  Here is the link to downloading the reader for free:

and here is where you can purchase the kindle that I own.