Thursday, September 29, 2016

Make your recipe printable in Blogger

1.  Go to Google Sites and log into your account.   Google Sites
2.  Click on the red CREATE Button on your left
3.  On the Blank Template, where it says site name, type in your blog name
4.  Confirm that you are not a robot
5.  Click on the big red CREATE Button at the top of the page

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Best Birthday Gifts on a Budget

If you're a parent or relative to young children, then you've got birthdays to attend. For me, it's almost every weekend these days! Finding the appropriate gift can be time-consuming, and a bit stressful- whether it's coming directly from you or from your child to their pal.

I am one of those aunts that lives 600 miles from my nieces and nephews, and I have quite a few of them.  I want to buy them all age appropriate gifts on a budget but since I only see them a few times a year, that can be difficult.  I am also really busy with getting my kids back into school, so I don't have a lot of time to shop for all those fall birthdays.

 Never fear! I created a gift guide so you can focus on enjoying time with loved ones (and getting on with your day!) rather than hemming and hawing at all of the options. And while Fall birthdays have been top of my mind, the gift guide is appropriate for any time of year so you can bookmark this page as your gift that keeps on giving. The gifts are organized by age group from toddler to teen, and all of them are under $40. Happy gifting!

For giftees ages 3 to 5

Geometric Building Set tegu Tegu Blocks combine fun colors, geometric shapes, and a magnetic snap to create a playtime experience that's fitting for the living room or the classroom. Parents (and littles!) love this toy because its production has positive environmental and social impact. get-it-now-200x60   Make a Match Game mama_may_i_make_a_match_dino1_large_9117 This game helps children grow memory skills with adorable dinosaur chips! The beautiful design is a treat for parents and kids alike. Perfect for picnics, play dates, and rainy games, this game is small enough to carry in your pocket and hip enough for the coolest of pre-k birthday parties. get-it-now-200x60  

For giftees ages 6 to 8

Animal Charades Game mama_may_i_mamamayianimalaction5_fd5e Get kids on their feet and brimming with ideas! This high-quality wooden game is a perfect gift for outgoing children and to create an atmosphere of fun and creativity. get-it-now-200x60   Pirate Adventure Board Game grouchy-dog-llc_box3drm3_c2be This board game is cleverly disguised. Kids will be having so much fun that they won't even know that they were learning math from an award-winning program. get-it-now-200x60   Squishy Science Experiment ss-worldwide_screen_shot_20160616_at_43240_pm_5e55 The Slimy Squishy Polymer Bucket is the perfect gift for budding scientists who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in the name of...scientific learning! But they'll too be busy having fun to realize they're learning the basics of chemistry. get-it-now-200x60   Garden Flowers Coloring Book garden-flowers-coloring-book-9781632205247-1459709691.3733.3088 One great idea for a gift is coloring books. These garden flower coloring books are perfect for child and parent, and can make a great group activity. get-it-now-200x60

For giftees 9 to 10

Food Fighter 2-Player Game kids-table_fdf_box_top_jan_5daa Food Fighter is a board game that has two children face off in a kitchen-themed battle. Children will have fun while developing higher-order thinking skills, mathematics, literacy, and executive functioning skills. get-it-now-200x60   Dream Catcher Kit the_happy_trunk_dreamcatcher2_f343 Building dreamcatchers is a classic crafting activity - this colorful kit has everything kids need to make something unique and beautiful! get-it-now-200x60   Just Add Milk Experiments griddly_games_outofboxjustaddmilk_62e8 I love these experiments - little parental oversight is required, and they're so easy to do right at home! Girls and boys, readers and scientists, alike will love this colorful kit. Not to mention parents! get-it-now-200x60

Gifts for Ages 11 to 13

Pairs in Pears pairs-in-pears-lr1998-1460411317.7972.3088 Whether or not they love this pun as much as some of us, this game gets kids flexing vocabulary muscles while having fun with a little challenge and competition. Players build pairs of connecting words in matching patterns, like Scrabble 2.0. Best of all it's portable - a perfect gift and activity to bring along on sleepovers or for parties. For a little more "pearity," pair with two more pears! get-it-now-200x60   Rainforest Biome rainforest-biome-discovery-kit-lr2993-1460412048.0125.3088 Budding scientists and tweens who like hands-on fun will love this all-in-one Rainforest Biome - they get to start a whole ecosystem right at home! The biome includes cacao beans (a favorite), clay, an apple snail shell, and more to create a full-on biofeedback loop. Super cool! get-it-now-200x60   Math & Science Mystery Books slack_for_ios_upload-3 Who doesn't love to solve a mystery?! The One Minute Mystery series takes a simple concept and turns it into an awesome book. Kids will read mysteries, then use their powers of deduction and knowledge of math and science to find the solution. Each is as satisfying as the next! get-it-now-200x60

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is Amazon Your Cheapest Option for Homeschool Supplies?

I admit it.  I tend to be lazy.  When it's time to purchase homeschool supplies, I run to amazon and just click and it's at my house in 2 days.  Amazon used to be cheaper than other places on nearly everything.  Now that I am in the habit of not checking prices anymore, I got suspicious.  I heard rumors of amazon raising prices and decided to have a look.  I found quite a few things that are actually MUCH more expensive on amazon.  

Free Shipping on Educents with code AppleCider16 through Sept 30.

THE best Learn to Read kit by Hooked on Phonics is $190 cheaper on @Educents than Amazon. Plus free shipping with AppleCider16! #reading #learning

My analytical mind tells me saving $19 on this Analytical Grammar Set @Educents vs. Amazon is correct. :) #HS #saving #grammar

Save almost $50 on this #Minecraft coding program @Educents v Amazon. #STEM #Learning

Calling all Pre-K teachers and big families - save $45 on the classroom edition of magnetic Tegu Blocks @Educents. Free Shipping with ApplieCider16 #learning #building

Teach the 5 Paragraph Essay AND good price shopping - save $42 at Educentsv Amazon. #budget #learning #writing

Ms. Frizzle is my favorite co-conspirator for science learning - and Educents is the best for saving! $42 less than on Amazon + free shipping with AppleCider16! #STEM #learning #HS

Get ahead of the rest and don't break the bank with this amazing Chinese Language Program at @educents! #learning #language #chinese

Tegu Blocks are my (and my kids) favorite!! Save $28 on @Educents v Amazon! #learning #hs

Time for mom to sit back and watch the kids cook! Save $21 on this great kids cooking program @Educents versus Amazon.

Stickers make learning stick, and great prices keep me coming back toEducents. Check out the Human Body Wall Set! #STEM #HS #Learning

Save $19 on Magformers at Educents v Amazon. Such a great set to keep the kids active! #hs #learning

Take the Life of Fred Elementary Math plunge at #Educents and save $14 vs. Amazon. That's good math! #STEM #Math #learning

My little readers love these just as much as grandma for reading time - makes reading easier and more colorful. Save 25% at @Educents v Amazon. #reading #learning #HS

Calming classical music plus lessons to learn - the Maestro Classics set is amazing! The best deal I've seen is @Educents. #music #learning #hs

Stick the re-stickable stars on your wall and let the learning begin! Save 25% onEducents plus free shipping with AppleCider16 #learning #hs #STEM

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Math Made Easy for Kids

Math can be quite the 4 letter word, but with the right curriculum it becomes an amazing tool that unlocks the world around us. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all use math in our everyday life. We can’t even cook a recipe without math; check a bill for accuracy or many other everyday tasks. I am a nurse as well as a mom, and I use math at work. Simple math can become second nature for a lot of us and a good foundation is the key. 

 During the summer when my kids are at home, I plan lessons for them so that they do not get rusty and forget their math skills, so you don’t have to be a homeschooling mom to check out the link below. Looking for a comprehensive homeschool math curriculum catered to your child's learning style? I've got the Fab 5 of tried-and-true homeschool curricula for beginners up to college, and from mastery to story-based. Now it's just a process of elimination.

Homeschool Math Program

Multiple Grades

aplus           Want to integrate blended learning into your homeschool math curriculum? This program allows the learner or teacher to print certain lesson plans, access online videos and tutorials, and the program even provides assessments and grading for student work. One of the beneficial features of the A+ platform is the user-friendly dashboard that enables parents/teachers to monitor the learner’s progress. A for EASE!
Check it out.

Mastery Based Math Program

1st to 7th Grades