Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You can leave your shoes on at my house

Today I have a rant.  I am always surprised when I to go someone's home and I am asked to remove my shoes.  I have a foot problem that requires me to wear inserts in my shoes in order to walk better.  Without them, it's painful to walk and I limp very badly.  While I am sharing this with all of you, it's not something I tell my friends.  I figure friends are for fun and not problems, so I do not discuss my feet issues with them.  When being told that I need to remove my shoes, I am then met with a dilemma.  Either explain why I cant take them off and stand out, or leave.  I usually leave because I am too embarrassed. 

If you come to my house, we do not worship the god of all floors.  Our floors are not sacred and you do not have to remove your shoes to walk on them.  Please come on in and feel welcome because we love people, not things. 

*end of rant*

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