Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to add a navigation bar to blogger

1.        Log into your blogger blog

2.       Come up with heading titles you want and edit posts.  Use “Labels” on the right hand side to make sure you have made at least one post for every heading you want to use on your blog.  You can add more later, but the process is different.

3.       Now you have posts with labels.  If you go to your posts page, you can see the labels after the titles

4.       Under my blog, click on Layout, then click Cross Column and click ADD GADGET

5.       Click LINK LIST

6.       Title the list Navigation

7.       Under name, Type in a label

8.       In the URL box, Paste the page with that label

9.       Save


You now have one item in your navigation bar.  If you want to add more, go to the settings bar on your blog to the right of the Navigation bar and click it.  You can add and delete more Navigation pages from here. 

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