Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weird Narcissist Beliefs

Narcissist can have a strange view of the world around them. Growing up with a narc as a mom, I saw this over and over. Your narc may have a different set of strange or untrue beliefs, but I believe that all narcs have them. My narc mom believed that it was noble to be poor. Being poor made you a better person. She would get wildly jealous of people who bought things though, which made no sense to me at all. She would get so jealous of people for buying things that she would shut them out of her life. I recall once my narc mom was complaining that our oven broke. She complained and complained and then complained some more. I tried going to my room, reading, watching tv, but nothing would give her the hint that I didn't want to hear about the oven being broken. I finally said, "If the oven is broken, why don't you call someone to fix it?". She blew. She said, "I can't wait until you move out and your oven breaks. I really really hope all your stuff breaks because I want to see you call someone to fix it every time something breaks. You are so ungrateful, you have no idea how much money it takes to run this house". I grew up, I moved out. I have a job. I make money and if my stove breaks, I buy a new one. Imagine that, getting a J-O-B when you need money.

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