Thursday, January 19, 2017

Make Money Online By Blogging

Before you start, you will need a good computer, a good phone with a camera and a good camera.

Computer - I like the MacBook Pro.  This is the one I like best.  One thing I noticed is that I can buy a cheaper laptop, but they tend to stop working after about a year.  The MacBook is about 4 years old now and still going strong.  It runs fast too and no sense wasting time waiting for pages to load.

Shop Amazon - Contract Cell Phones & Service Plans for you cell phone.  The absolute best is iPhone 6Plus, but if you can't afford that, the 5SE is probably next best and it's smaller, just like the older 4 models.  The camera has greatly improved, so if you can't afford a really good cell phone, get a really good camera.

Camera- The link goes to the entire kit package, but if you prefer to piece together, you can buy just the camera itself.  I found though that it's really cheaper to buy the entire kit than to try to piece together what you need.  If you already have some of the items, go for the camera alone.

Ready to move onto part 2?

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