Thursday, June 16, 2016

Date night idea when you have a large family. Budget friendly!

Laundry folding party!!!  Date night!
If you have a lot of kids like I do, you may notice that even your one load a day just doesnt cut it.  So here is an idea to try.  Get a movie and some snack foods.  While you and hubby watch the movie and snack, fold clothes.  I gave this a try this week and WOW.  I had 5 bedrooms worth of bedding and a weeks worth of towels and I felt like I was drowning.  We put the kids to bed and started the party.  Before I knew it, the laundry was folded and I got to spend time with hubby.  NICE.  Ok, not nice, but it got done.

If you want to see my cleaned and organized fridge like Konmari, head over to the link.  Konmari Fridge

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