Friday, June 10, 2016

Organizing the Fridge

Cleaning and organizing our fridge is a weekly task.  I will tell you how mine is organized and post pics.

The top shelf of my fridge is for opened drinks and some smaller drinks.  It is pretty straightforward.

The second shelf, pictured above is for foods that need to be eaten now, before they go bad.  I have some cherries, strawberries, a mango that is really ripe and some leftovers.  Anything on this shelf is ok for anyone in the house to eat.  I have six people living here, I have found that a designated shelf works well.  The items are in clear containers so that everyone can see what they are and they get eaten pretty quickly.

The next shelf has a shoe box bin on it.  This bin is for small things that might get pushed back on the shelf and lost.  One of the kids stuck part of a tomato in the bin because she wants to eat it for lunch today.  I store canned fruit on this shelf also because it fits perfectly.  Below that is my largest shelf.  I have stored some extra juice here, but in a pinch, that could be moved out and larger items put onto this shelf.

Next come the drawers.  My family does not generally open a drawer to find anything, so I use the top drawer for items that I use to cook meals.

The bottom drawer is the snack drawer.  When the kids dont see their favorite food on the shelf, they will open the bottom drawer which I keep stocked with their favorite snack foods.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing inside my fridge.  Remember, I am NOT perfect.  I am a busy mom with lots of kids and things can go downhill here very quickly.

If you want to see my daily lists of things to do, you can head over here.  DAILIES


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