Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Konmari and My Clothes Horse

So I went through my closet KonMari style.  We couldn't sleep on the bed for three days.  I got rid of seven garbage bags of clothes.  I hung the rest neatly in my closet, but a few months later, I wasn't sure I had completely purged.  I was pretty sure there were still clothes hanging in there that I had not worn and probably never would wear.

I needed a way to figure out if there were unworn clothes hiding in the closet.  I turned all my hangers backwards.  All facing the same direction.  When I wear an item, I turn the hanger round.  Now I know what I have worn, and after some time, it was very easy to see what I had not worn.  I had another two bags of lurking clothes that I thought I was wearing, but I was not.

I thought I loved each and every item in my closet....but I wasnt wearing some of them!  Why keep it if I love it but never wear it?
Try it!  Turn your hangers!  Let me know in the comments if you found clothes you aren't wearing!

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