Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday's Chore list

Dailies for Monday:

Take trash out
Make sure all items for dinner are available and make a list of anything needed
Clean up all breakfast dishes. Wash them and put them away
Quick clean main bathroom: Wipe off counter and sink, wipe off mirror. Put anything away that was left out.
Make beds
Start a load of laundry
Fold and put away a load of laundry
Wipe off kitchen counters and sink after each meal
Sweep kitchen floor after dinner
Scoop litter box
Go through mail and either throw it out, deal with it or put it into the decision file
Run the dishwasher
Unload the dishwasher
Close the kitchen at the end of the day
Go through mail

Tidy Pantry
Now that the fridge and pantry are cleaned out it is time to grocery shop.
While we are in the kitchen today, we will pick 2 cabinets or drawers and clean them out then wipe them out and dont forget to toss toss toss those things we dont need.
We will also wipe the inside and outside of the garbage can.
We will also wash some bedding. The more we do today, the less we have to do later.

Later today, we will take some time to relax and dust our books. While we are dusting them is the perfect time to decide if we really need them or if it is time for them to bless someone else. When I did Konmari, this was the hardest area for me, and I decided that monthly, I would decide what I felt I could get rid of.

This will be a very busy day for me, so I will post my meal plan later in the week. Feel free to copy yours below.

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