Thursday, May 19, 2016

Family and the food budget. Emergency situations.

Today I want to talk about what to do if something comes up and you need to lower your food budget for the week.  Depending on how low you need to go, your diet may be pretty bland, but by keeping a few staples on hand, you can liven it up.

Budget Crisis Must Haves:
Spaghetti Noodles
Spaghetti sauce
Chickpeas or lentils
chicken if you eat meat .which ever is cheapest per pound and has bones
Eggs if you eat meat
Peanut butter
milk (either almond or cow's milk)
frozen vegetables
canned peaches

ketchup, soy sauce and tomato paste are our favorites

You can do just about anything with eggs.  Breakfast is going to be either eggs or oatmeal, or you can toast some oatmeal and make granola (peanut butter granola is good). You can shred potatoes and make hash browns.

1)  spaghetti with tomato sauce and added lentils for protein or added chicken
2)  spaghetti with soy sauce, frozen vegetables and either lentils or chicken
3)  rice as a stirfry with vegetables and/or chicken

We also have a dish that we serve over rice that has no meat in it.

4)  cut potatoes and carrots into bite sized chunks and cook until barely fork tender.  While they are cooking, cut some onion and add to a skillet with some water and pan steam it.  when the potatoes and carrots are done, add them to the pot.  Next add 1 tablespoon of tomato paste and enough water to thin it out.  You can add whatever spices you have on hand (any green ones are good) or just some salt.  Cook until the tomato paste coats everything.  Serve over plain rice.

That meal can also be made with chick peas, or you can add chick peas to it, which ever you prefer.  Indian spices are also good with this mix if you have them.

5) French fries as a meal (baked or fried)
6) Mashed potatoes as a meal or with a meal.  Add an egg and coat them in flour to fry them or just warm them up
7) chicken served with carrots and potatoes (this one can get pretty expensive)
8) soup or stew with chicken and vegetables

Remember, these meals are not ideal, but they aren't ramen either.

What items are your favorite emergency budget pantry items to keep on hand?

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  1. I was told many moons ago to keep a frozen turkey and ham in the freezer. I usually use the 50% off Target cartwheel coupon and keep a spiral sliced ham in the freezer for emergencies (visitors not in the food plan, job loss, paycheck freeze, etc
    ). I also try to keep some misc vegetables and frozen meals I have previously prepared on hand. Pancakes with peanutbutter and a fried egg work for any meal in a pinch.